A collaboration seasoned by time and brimming with expertise.

ePlus and NetApp: we’ve grown up together, built business together, helped customers thrive together, and supported each other for almost two decades.

The massive shift in how organizations must now approach IT plays out every day in unrelenting, whiplash-inducing, challenging ways. Keeping up with dynamic market innovations, ever-increasing customer expectations, and your own organization’s goals to innovate and grow while saving resources and maintaining security, can seem like impossible tasks.

ePlus and NetApp will help you get in front of these mandates. Go ahead… put all your eggs in one basket. Just make sure it’s ours.

Infinity icon Longevity

ePlus and NetApp have been around a long time, and our partnership has, too. We’re steeped in longevity when it comes to our customers as well, providing guidance and support as markets transition, technology evolves, and business needs adapt.

People icon Trust

Our maturity, proven success, and strong relationships mean you can trust us to help you overcome IT challenges. We’ve always been in the forefront of providing solutions for customers, with experience across verticals.

Mesh web icon CONTINUITY

Don’t spoil your broth by having too many cooks in the kitchen. Partnering with ePlus and NetApp to find a solution that is integrated across all your platforms helps to ensure easier oversight of your data and systems.